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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

, The choice is ours. ( Jeremiah 21 v 8 )

We continue to look at the consequences of Achan's sin , now let us consider what David G. Firth has to say,'' Jericho represents the possibility for Israel when they obey Yahweh . By contrast, Ai shows how sin within Israel makes them enemies,though sin will not have the last word. Nevertheless, this is a story that shows a little sin goes a long way,and just as a small piece of yeast affects a whole lump of dough , so the sin of one affects the whole community. In spite of claims that certain activities ' do not hurt anyone else ' and should therefore be accepted, this passage ( Joshua 7 ) is clear that sin does not work that  way. Sin is never isolated because that sin will  affect other aspects of our life and, even if only indirectly , the community of which we are a part'' The word of God tells us of the consequence of Adam's sin  in Romans 5 v12, that sin has been passed on to the whole of humanity, and its consequences,  sin and death. The history of mankind shows our sinful nature,our life history shows are sinful nature, we are separated from God and a relationship with Him  .There is a heaven there is a hell, because of our sin we cannot go to heaven and we will go to heaven.Here is the good news Jesus death on the cross means that when we trust Him sin is completely dealt with, and its  heaven, here we come.

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