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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Our plan. ( Acts 16 v 6 )

Just finished reading about John Calvin, he was a very godly man,one the greatest scholars in the history of Christendom .I mentioned a while back about Hezekiah who was seen as the golden boy ,and I commented on this,that he was not pure gold, this could be applied to John Calvin, David had his Uriah,none of us our pure gold.  Calvin was a studious person, and what he wanted to do was study and write,promoting as John Piper writes,the Reformed faith. J.P writes the following, ''This is what he thought he was cut out for by nature. But God had radically different plans- as He had for Augustine and Luther- and for many of us who did not plan our lives the way they have turned out'' Think how the apostles lives where turned round,from being  fishermen, to being  fishers of men,David a shepherd in charge of his fathers sheep,to being shepherd king.Dr Barnardo  going to be a missionary,   in China ,instead he became the founder of a wonderful ministry for dear needy children.Always keep in mind ,your plans may not be Gods plans.All these dear people left behind a wonderful legacy  that continues to bless mankind..

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