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Thursday, 1 March 2018

From victory to defeat. ( Joshua 6 - 7 )

I just read something very interesting ,and it it is based on a man called Achan, we read about him in the book of Joshua. Israel had just entered the promised land, they were promised it by God ( Gen 13 v15) So it came to pass but they had as a nation to go defeat those who occupied the land,and live there.The first place they came to was Jericho,of course  it was Gods victory,there part was to obey God completely, they where told not to take any of the plunder,it would be dedicated it to God.It appeared that everything had gone to plan,until the next battle, a little town called  Ai,and it was there they experienced defeat, which really discouraged them, but God spoke and told them someone had ,no he did say that ,He said Israel had acted unfaithfully ,and took  to itself  that which was Gods.The person who did this was Achan,Thirty six people had died ,and defeat was the result of his sin.but the blame was put on everyone. That's the way God saw it, I will continue this the next time, I will leave you with this thought,never underestimate your sins and its effect on yourself and others.

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