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Monday, 26 February 2018

Come over to the light. ( John 8 v 12 )

My wife was given ,the gift of a large bulb,from which a long stem grew, as the stem grew it began to lean towards the light,so you  are advised to turn it around,so it straitens up,as it goes towards the light,it has now flowered,its name is an Amaryllis. I found it fascinating, and am puzzled ,at a plant doing this. I also had some flowers in my garden ,that opened up when the sun shone, and closed up when the sun went down, again I found this fascinating. The apostle John has a number of things to say about light and darkness ,in the first chapter of  his gospel ,he mentions five  times the word light ,( he is referring to Jesus), as it where shining in the darkness ,in spite  of who He was,what He did, and what He said ,they did not understand, and not only did they not understand they did their best to extinguish the light, but they could not.The darkness of humanity is awesome, the Jews did not recognise their creator, nor did they recognise their Messiah.That Messiah they believed would liberate their nation,and they would rule the world with Him,they appeared to not see that He would  deal with their sin. Yet this goes further than the Jews,Jesus is the light of the world,who came to all in order to bring us out of darkness.The  light has come ,He is still shining, but the sad thing is, in our natural sinful state we actually love darkness rather than light.There is way out of the darkness that is to see it for what it is, darkness,and to respond to Him, who said, I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness,but will have the light that leads to life ( John 8 v 12).

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