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Friday, 9 February 2018

24/7. ( Luke 18 v 1 )

We use the term 24/7 these days,one of my lads is involved in a Christian ministry called 24/7, it involves prayer. One of the things they do is to encourage churches to participate in prayer ,by opening the church premises for one week 24/7. It is not just a novel idea or new, it is, and can be a positive exercise ,reminding us all of  of the truth that not just important but vital for us as individuals and collectively as a body of Gods people.Gone are the days in many churches of the prayer meeting, I wonder why?,all Christians I am sure, know that prayer is important.I would like to think that most Christians do pray. There  is so much one can say about prayer ,there is so much to pray about, let us say, anyone can pray.When Jesus spoke about prayer He stressed the importance of  private prayer CP Matthew 6 v 6 ,that does not mean we should not pray publicly,He dealt with the danger's involved when we pray publicly, when we pray to impress, mainly others,we are fools if we think we can impress God . Would it not be a good thing if we had more people ,who we may  think unsuited to pray publicly ,in that they pray from the heart not just the brain,what  if we heard people breaking down and crying when they pray. Such prayers do not embarrass God in the least,God is not given to snobbery ,unfortunately we are.                                                                                                                                                                                            PRAY.

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