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Monday, 12 February 2018

A means of grace. ( Revelation 3 v 3 )

A. Motyer writing on the tabernacle ,that it was a means of grace,they were required to supply the materials,the result being they could have in a very special way ,the Lords presence.In other words they had to do their part,and God would respond ,in a sense it was up to them. . AM  goes unto say the following as to us individually and collectively,''We to have means of grace at our disposal; public and  corporate means like Christian fellowship, the ministry of God's word and the  Lord's table,and  private means like time apart with God for prayer and Bible reading. We can, however , choose to live at a distance, neglecting these things which would bring God near to us and us near to Him. The tabernacle is a depiction of a reality as well as an ideal. In it we can see represented, the indwelling God,  the God near at hand,and the avenues of approach, which can either be cultivated or neglected. Has the chief failing of the Lord's people through the ages always been that we do not live up to our privileges ? ''

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